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June 4, 2011


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:star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:Shopping for RP partners!:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star:

Why yes, yes we are!

Now, rather than having our members fill out blogs at random here, let’s get organized, shall we?

So if everyone could fill out this form, I know it’s long but you only need to do it once, and post it in a comment, we’ll be on our way to RP ease!

:bulletred:Please don’t comment on people’s comments. Just note them or message them on their page, so we can get more RP profiles in the comments and it doesn’t get cluttered.:bulletred:

If you find someone who tickles your RP fancy, note them or message them and you’re golden! Simple right?
If anyone has any ideas on what else should go on this form, let me know and I’ll add them in. Or add in anything you think is necessary.

RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse:
Times online to RP:

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
OC pairings:
Yaoi: Y/N
Yuri: Y/N
Het: Y/N
Mature: Y/N
Violence: Y/N
Strong Language: Y/N
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi)
Average Desired RP Post Length: (Explain how long your typed up RP posts are. Full paragraphs, or action by action, etc.)
Will Not Do: (list what you will not do. Don’t worry we all have things we refuse to do.)

Other Comments: (Whatever you want, baby!)

Be respectful of your fellow RPers! Not everyone RPs the same.

Kit Wolfren
Group Administrator
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Ihaveseenstuff Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RolePlay Profile Form(update)

Basic Info

Player Name: You can call me either JJ or Vas, even Jen.

Fandoms / Original Verse: Hetalia(Mostly, I am looking for a Hetalia rp buddy now), Death Note, Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Naruto, and that's about it... Oh and Soul Eater.

Characters: France(Preferred and most used)
Germany, Russia, Denmark, Stein, Spirit, Sebastian, Light, Spain, Romania, and etc... But I'm willing to try anything for you~ Oh and Turkey.

Timezone: New York Time bishes... Eastern time? Ngh

Times online to RP: Almost all day, I mostly use my phone... Using the word mostly too much meh.

Languages: I can do Spanish but mostly English, I am also learning German! Soon I shall also learn French.

RolePlay Info

Canon Pairings: Pft, I mostly rp Yaoi. France x Anyone?

OC pairings: Sure

Yaoi: Hell yes

Yuri: Eh, I don't rp women.

Het: Why not?

Mature: Absolutely huehuehuehue....

Violence: Yes, I love dramatic scenes

Strong Language: Sure, this is the internet, I have gotten used to it.

Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi) 9, I could ignore some grammatical errors, but I am a grammar nazi.

Average Desired RP Post Length: I love detail although when I'm bored or sleepy sometimes, I get lazy and begin to type short sentence. I'm fine with from one sentence to the beyond!

Will Not Do:
-Rape, it's just wrong.
-Yuri, Yaoi has more possibilities and it's kind of awkward for me.
-Infatuation or obsession, creepy.
-Pedophilia, ngh, hell no.
-or anything sexual that anyone normal would find morbid.

Other Comments:

- I am an extremely super random and weird individual and yas.... You would have to deal with me. I am also comfortable with anything, and I'm willing to try new characters for your own entertainment.

- Now, I'm mostly in chatzy and I would like someone who is willing to enter the chat I have fallen in love with me in there.

- I use France most of the time in there and I would like for someone who ships their character with my Frenchman to be there with me .3.

- I also use Skype but I don't show my face nor my voice call at all since my phone is derpy.

- I don't believe France is a rapist nor a pedophile, he had himself stated that love shouldn't be forced on others.
feathers-of-fluff Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse: | Vocaloid | Ib (game) | Rune Factory/Harvest Moon (Grand Bazaar) | Hetalia | Might be interested in originals, but I lean heavily towards fantasy. If it's fantasy, or supernatural, I will be very likely to accept. Iffy on other genres so far. |
Characters: | Gakupo, Len, VY2 as Roro (there are more, please ask if interested) | Mary, Garry | Depends, you will probably want to ask | Almost exclusively England | A handful, but I would rather talk about them privately. |
Timezone: CST
Times online to RP: Very often now, although once school starts here I can't say.
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: | Many. Too many. Please ask for a list. | Mary/Garry, Ib/Garry (both girls of age) | Usually just the bachelors, or bachelorettes with the main character | Probably any lady, with preference to the other ones in FACE or fem!Japan |
OC pairings: OC/OC, yes, of course. I'd rather not do OC/canon, though.
Yaoi: N
Yuri: N
Het: Y
Mature: N
Violence: Y
Strong Language: Y
Grammar: 6.5? I don't mind too much. My grammar is insane and practiced, but I don't expect perfection.
Average Desired RP Post Length: I do para, moderate length, with extremely long, possibly intimidating starters that smooth out as it goes on. Also parentheses style, if you prefer.
Will Not Do: A bunch of... immoral stuff. Abusive or sexual violence mainly. I also don't like angel - demon AUs, and would prefer not to do OC/canon, not to say that either is immoral. (This does not stretch to plain winged-people. They are fine. Great, actually.)

Other Comments: I reaally hope this is readable, I'm so bad at formatting these. Bear with me. Well, you already have, probably, since this is at the bottom of the ad, but.

In short, I am pretty versatile with my canons (unless it's Hetalia), and my pairings, but I don't want to clog up this thing with a bunch of weird pairing names, so hmu if you are curious, please.
For original settings (or AUs) I strongly prefer fantasy or some kind of supernatural. I really like magic-slingers and merpeople, etc. And plotting, if you like.
If you're interested in anything here, or just want to hear more and see if you are, please do the messaging thing. I'm fine with RPing over notes or email, which will be given if you want.
xBeatroll Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
First time looking for a long-term rp partner.. Uhh yeah! ;A;

Basic Info
Player Name: Just Jacky is fine. Or any other name you want to call me, I don't really care..
Fandoms: X-Men; Marvel in general; Shingeki no Kyojin; Les Misérables; Tales of (And I have a shitload of other Fandoms I can't think of right now x'D)
Characters: That's the big question! ;a; Currently I'm a Marco rp blog on Tumblr, but on Muse-Hiatus.. I'd love to try out new characters, like Magneto, Loki, Tony Stark, Storm, Quicksilver; Jean, Berthold; I've rped Enjolras a bit, Cosette, Éponine; Elize, Raine... I'm pretty open to rp new characters and I'm trying my best to be IC while writing them! ;3
Timezone: CEST / UTC/GMT+2
Times online to RP: I'm on my holiday break right now, so I have a shitload of time! Can't currently say a certain time, tho.
Languages: English & German, tho I prefer to write in English, but if you want to write in German, that's okay, too!

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: I currently have a feels feast for Erik/Charles (and my main goal is to find someone who wants to rp those idiots with me QAQ!); JeanMarco; ExR; LeiaxElize
OC pairings: I'm open to any OCs, since I love OCs and they need love!!
Yaoi: Yup!
Yuri: Yup!
Het: Yup!
Mature: I'm 18 by myself, tho I'm really awkward when it comes to roleplay smut, but I wanna get better in it anyway, so yeah, but you've been warned.
Violence: From time to time!
Strong Language: That's no problem for me. ;3
Grammar: I'd say 7? I'm not a native speaker and my current English level is C1. I don't really mind mistakes, I make them a lot, too. But I should be able to understand what your character is doing.
Average Desired RP Post Length: Oh that depends. I love to write long paragraphs, but sometimes you just can't do that, so Action by Action is fine with me, too. I'm really open when it comes to that, so I'm sure we can arrange something! x3
Will Not Do: Rape/Non-Con, Incest, Pedophilia, Godding

Other Comments: As I've said already, I am looking for someone who's willing to rp Charles/Erik with me, or any other X-Men Pairing, since I'm absolutely in love with that franchise right now! I am also really, really shy when it comes to rping x'D
I rp over skype or kik. :3 E-Mail is fine, too! Ahh, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to get a message from you! *spreads the love*
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knuckles009 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2014  Student Writer
Basic Info
Player Name:
Trish or Shane
Fandoms / Original Verse: Avengers, Homestuck, BBC Sherlock, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rise of the Guardians.
Characters: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Clint Barton (Hawkeye): Gamzee Makara, Kurloz Makara, The Grand Highblood, Karkat Vantas, Kankri Vantas, the Sufferer: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson: Percy Jackson, Luke Castellan: Jack Frost, Pitch Black
Timezone: GMT +8
Times online to RP: (Times at GMT +8) I am online from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM on Mondays to Thursdays. I can RP from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM on Fridays. On Weekends, I'm off the hook.
Languages: English and Filipino

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
More experienced when it comes to these pairings.
OC pairings: Depending on the story. If you want to do OC X Canon, contact me and let's talk it out.
Yaoi: YES!!!!
Yuri: No. Sorry. :I
Het: Depending on the couple.
Mature: Sure. Why not? ;)
Violence: Yes, please!~
Strong Language: I swear a lot so....sure!
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi) I would have to say 10. I'm sorry, I'm a grammar nazi but I don't expect my partner's English to be perfect. Just enough so I can understand what you're trying to say.
Average Desired RP Post Length: No less than 2 sentences. I want to feel that you are exerting effort into the RP. Also, my last RP partner replied to me using single sentences and it turned out she was getting bored.
Will Not Do:
*Vore (Bad RP memories will be triggered)
*Scat (No. Just no.)
*OC X OC (I don't have a lot of OCs. I tend to RP Canon characters because I can easily get an idea of how they're supposed to act or speak just by watching them on TV or reading the book.)
*Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (These are really confusing and utterly unnecessary, in my opinion.)
*Inflation (It really creeps me out. If you are guilty of this kink, I am not the RP partner for you.)
*Giant/Giantess (Ive tried to RP this before. It didn't work.)
*God-Moding (Do NOT control my character. They have their own attitudes.)
*Fursonas (I don't like furry things, even it IS based on my favorite character)
*Mpreg (I love to read it, but RPing it, not so much)

Other Comments:
Things that I WILL do:
>AUs (If you have a good idea for an AU, let me know)
>Any other kink aside from the ones I listed above. Don't hesitate to ask me before bringing up certain kinks.

I RP using Yahoo!Instant Messenger [], dA notes, Facebook [] If you have any other ideas for websites for RPing, please tell me. Except Skype. I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to use Skype.

I RP in paragraph form.

Any type of genre will be accepted.

I usually RP as a Dom but I am willing to be a Sub if the RP calls for it.

Ratings can be from K to R-18. (It can even fluctuate. i.e. K->M->T)

Preferred age of partner: Anywhere from 13 to 29 years old. If I think that I can relate to you, you can be a partner.

I RP in the 3rd person but it's cool if you do 1st person.

I don't do script RPs. They can be kind of a head ache for me.

Long time partners are needed but if you want an RP-and-Leave partnership, I'm fine with that, too.

I tend to be a bit shy but once I get comfortable with you, I'm fine. :)
UchihaHogoshaAkatsuk Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: Jena
Fandoms / Original Verse: Frozen (normal + Genderbent), Black Butler, Homestuck, Invader Zim, Portal 2, Inuyasha, Hetalia, Star Trek, CreepyPasta, Soul Eater, DRAMAtical Murder, Warrior Cats
Characters: Anna (Andrew), Krista (Female Kristoff), Ciel Phantomhive, Damn near any Homestuck Character, Dib, Zim, Inuyasha, Kagome, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, America, Canada, Russia, Spock, Kirk, Jeff the Killer, Soul, Aoba... Cannon and OCs.
Timezone: Central Time
Times online to RP: Varies
Languages: English, bits of others

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Yes and No
OC pairings: Yes
Yaoi: Yes
Yuri: Maybe
Het: YES
Mature: Yes?
Violence: Depends
Strong Language: Yes
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi): 9 1/2
Average Desired RP Post Length: More than 2 sentences
Will Not Do: Just ask me if you wanna know :3
Chinloon Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  New member
Basic Info
Player Name: Ava or Zabel
Fandoms / Original Verse: I do both, but the only fandoms I mainly do is Pokemon, Invader Zim (mostly) and AvP (dontjudgeme)
Characters: OCs and all
Timezone: Central 
Times online to RP: Just about anytime when I'm not asleep 
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Sure
OC pairings: Yes
Yaoi: Y
Yuri: N
Het: N
Mature: Y (There are limits tho)
Violence: Y
Strong Language: Y
Grammar: 6+
Average Desired RP Post Length: Anything, paragraphs and all are fine. Just don't give me those really short sentences.
Will Not Do: Anthros or any fandoms i'm not very familiar with.

  Other comments: I don't RP much, but I'm certaintly not one of those people who entirley depends on the other person to make a plot and only replies with a few words. I type with actual decent grammar and long enough paragraphs to keep the rp alive. I also have intresting plots to rp already but I can do those "just go with the flow" ones. And that's about it.. Uhm you can note me if intrested >v<

trixypuff Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: You can call me Watson.
Fandoms / Original Verse: Original! I don't do fandoms..
Characters: I have a lot of them, it would take too long to list them.
Timezone: Central Time
Times online to RP: All the time haha, although I do have work and times that I need to sleep!
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: no
OC pairings: sure
Yaoi: N
Yuri: N
Het: Y
Mature: Sure :)
Violence: Eh why not?
Strong Language: Im fine with it but don't over use it. this is an add on it's not a lifestyle haha xD just kidding.
Grammar: 7.5
Average Desired RP Post Length: It doesn't have to be really long like four paragraph or anything, but I don't want one liners. There's nothing really to ever work with when you write a one liner so, just add more details.
Will Not Do: Homosexual, Mary Sues, Fandoms.
Other Comments:
I'm currently reading a book, & I really want to develop my characters.I love so playing when there is suspense, and the characters actually act like normal people. I don't like fantasy, I never really have. However I'm willing to work with you, I will allow for some fantasy but I don't really want that to be the main storyline. My characters are not perfect, & I don't want yours to be. Hope this doesn't sound vain. I'm really only interested in playing over email please don't send me a note on DeviantArt. I won't respond.

Despite all that long post, I'm actually very friendly and don't be afraid to note me if you have questions! My email is

Norachi-chan Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Basic Info
Player Name:
Nora or Cass
Fandoms / Original Verse:
god so many! Free!, KnB, SnK, DMMD, K, Code Geass, GundamSeed, / groups / TXC, SDW, DMPKMN, Decline
Characters: Any canon, Elias, Rinku, Tyler, Tai, Jiro
Timezone: GMT
Times online to RP:
7am-whenever/Weekdays - Weekends 10am-whenever LOL
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
none really
OC pairings:
Yes don't mind! c:
Yaoi: Yes!!
doesn't have any girl OC's LOL but ehh..
Mature: Yes
Strong Language:
Why not c:
Average Desired RP Post Length:
I don't mind at all! I personally like medium to long .3.
Will Not Do:
God Modding, Killing character off though i like to torture my OC's a little LOL

Other Comments:
LOL I don't bite I'm a little shy but after i get to know you i become more open c:
AsaRawr Featured By Owner Edited Jul 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse: I prefer original characters but as long as I know and like the show, I'm open to it.
Characters: Many~
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Times online to RP: Pretty much any time in the summer, but after mid August I don't have that much time.
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
OC pairings: Any
Yaoi: No
Yuri: No
Het: Yes
Mature: No
Strong Language:
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi)
Average Desired RP Post Length: I use lit/paragraph style and I generally have pretty lengthy turns.
Will Not Do:
I won't do yaoi, yuri, or anything too explicit.

Other Comments:
Even though I'm a girl, I prefer to write as a male. Note me if you're interested~ :)
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