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:star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:Shopping for RP partners!:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star:

Why yes, yes we are!

Now, rather than having our members fill out blogs at random here, let’s get organized, shall we?

So if everyone could fill out this form, I know it’s long but you only need to do it once, and post it in a comment, we’ll be on our way to RP ease!

:bulletred:Please don’t comment on people’s comments. Just note them or message them on their page, so we can get more RP profiles in the comments and it doesn’t get cluttered.:bulletred:

If you find someone who tickles your RP fancy, note them or message them and you’re golden! Simple right?
If anyone has any ideas on what else should go on this form, let me know and I’ll add them in. Or add in anything you think is necessary.

RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse:
Times online to RP:

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
OC pairings:
Yaoi: Y/N
Yuri: Y/N
Het: Y/N
Mature: Y/N
Violence: Y/N
Strong Language: Y/N
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi)
Average Desired RP Post Length: (Explain how long your typed up RP posts are. Full paragraphs, or action by action, etc.)
Will Not Do: (list what you will not do. Don’t worry we all have things we refuse to do.)

Other Comments: (Whatever you want, baby!)

Be respectful of your fellow RPers! Not everyone RPs the same.

Kit Wolfren
Group Administrator
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LeonMichaelis Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago
Hey my name is Piers Nivans~

I'm searching for a long-term Yaoi roleplay partner who is committed to a roleplay and won't just drop the roleplay. I can RP literate and in third person also in a paragraph. I can do Seme or Uke. But currently I'm searching for a seme.



I've been looking for someone with two characters to have my character as their slave and toy. Also I've been wanting it to be like a threesome.


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (I RP Brynjolf. I also do OC x OC)

Black Butler (Family RP)

Hetalia (Germancest, CanAme, PruRus, GerIta, I RP Germany, Canada and Prussia)

Kingdom Hearts (Xemnas x Saix, Family RP with my OC)

Resident Evil (Nivanfield, JakeXPiers, WeskerXPiers)

Winx Club (Every character genderbent)

Limits: I have no limits at all.



Kik: Kingdomhearts1212

Skype: Leonmichaelis007


anobouzu Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
[[Edit from my old comment/profile]]

Basic Info

Player Name:  anobouzu

Fandoms / Original Verse: I can do both. With fandom, I RP within the following: The Avengers, Saiyuki, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Tales of Symphonia, YuYu Hakusho, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Harvest Moon (DS Cute, ToT, ANB, Story of Seasons)

I also RP Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Pokemon, and Warcraft but for these series, I only use OCs within that fandom universe.

Characters: I can do most characters within these fandoms and OCs

Timezone: Central

Times online to RP: It depends. I only RP through notes so I will send you a reply whenever I get on and I see that you have responded.

Languages: English only

RolePlay Info

Canon Pairings: I can do Canon x Canon, no problem. (Certain pairings I will not do, however - ask me)

OC pairings: I can do OCxOC and CanonxOC (but only if playing doubles : meaning I play a canon-character love-interest for your OC and you do the same for me - otherwise, I'm not interested).

Yaoi: Yes (oc/oc, oc/canon, canon/canon)

Yuri: Yes
(oc/oc, oc/canon, canon/canon)

Het: Only for CanonxOC - Hetero OCxOC and Canon/Canon doesn't interest me.

I ALSO DO NON-ROMANTIC RPs! Aka no pairings

Mature: Yes... but it depends on your skill-level/writing ability or my comfort with the situation/scene.

Violence: Yes

Strong Language: Yes

Grammar: 7-10. I do not like reading too many typos and I hate grossly incorrect grammar. As long as you make your best effort or use a spell checker, I'm good.

Average Desired RP Post Length: I only do paragraphs, at about 2-4 paragraphs per post. I don't expect any less from my RP partner. I don't want a novel but I don't want laziness. I REALLY DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING/BE THE ONLY ONE MOVING THE PLOT FORWARD IN THE RP.

Will Not Do: Pure Smut RPs, Certain CanonxOC and CanonxCanon pairings, Modern/School RPs, Pure Romance RPs,

Other Comments: Just send me a note if you have any questions.
Getmobified Featured By Owner Edited Nov 19, 2015
Call me Marley! ^-^
Fandoms / Original Verse: Pokemon of Furries please!
Characters: Yuri (M. Typhlosion), Maki (F. Snivy), Marley (M. Neko), Flicker (F. Kitsune).
Timezone: Central.
Times online to RP: Usually 3:30 - Whenever I pass out on Monday - Thursday. Friday depends.
Languages: English.

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Open relationship!
OC pairings: Yuri is openly mated.
Yaoi: Yep!
Yuri: Yep!
Het: Yep!
Mature: Yep!
Violence: Just a little bit!
Strong Language: Don't care at all!
Grammar: 5-7 depending on mood. (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi)
Average Desired RP Post Length: 2-3 sentences at the least please unless it's dialogue. Paragraph rps are alright with me too!
Will Not Do: Vore.

Other Comments: I'm usually very happy and out-going! If you have a problem, contact me please! I'll try to work through it with ya! Don't worry, I understand most problems very well since I've had many troubles myself.

As for rp, I usually prefer romantic rps. I'm almost always the sub, but I can try being dom if that's what you want. Sexual rps do not have to happen. But if you're feeling extreme, I would love to do a master/slave rp. Just as long as I get to be the slave/pet! ^-^

Kik: Yuri_the_Typhlosion
PineappleProdigy Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You may call me June.

I’m looking for a literature buddy. I want someone who writes with their whole being. Please be creative and deep and make the story come to life with me. I want someone who is able to collaborate and create a story with everything in it. I admire someone who can feel open enough to come to me with any idea, for making each-others thoughts and ideas is what roleplaying is all about.

I love romance, and it’s what my stories pretty much revolve around and I think I will pair well with other’s who are searching for the same.

I do not fade to black. Angst is life blood.

My limits are very few. Being trash is fun.

Please consider this when contacting me.

A lot of my own stories may contain dark themes, and while they may seem morose I don’t just make these themes materialize for empty fun. I’m usually putting my character through different situations across stories to challenge their psych, create conflict, and of course for feels.

I like to double, and I am very firm on this. This term seems to be commonly misunderstood, but I’m not surprised with how many ways is can be interpreted. We each will play one male and one female. (Or however this meets your gender specific needs. I am very open minded to any pairing, but I myself will most always prefer MxF) and side characters split among to heighten the depth of our stories. Our characters can come together in one plot or separate stories, I am absolutely fine with either way. If you are happy, then I am happy. If you do not understand that roleplaying is a relaxed, stress free zone where we get away from our everyday lives then I am not the partner for you. Nothing is too cheesy and nothing is too boring. If it makes you happy, then we will breathe life into anything.

(Not to complain, but my biggest failure is when I am plotting or explaining my stories the air gets crampy if there is no open minded ness or respect for each other’s imagination and creativity. )


Plotting is a very big thing for me. (Mine tend to have a lot of detail. I don’t mean to, my heart flies ahead of my mind sometimes.) Theatrical fangirling is my forte and getting excited for scenes and story progression and honestly be even more fun than the roleplay sometimes. I love getting excited for things to happen between our characters and nose bleeding all over the keyboard. As well as writing, I use pictures, face claims, collages, and music to express a certain nostalgia for any emotion I’m trying to capture.I have a very relaxed way of plotting, and it can involve inside jokes with characters, laughing together as we torture their little hearts and make feels.

I post at least 4-5 times a day, sometimes even more. My replies vary from 2-400 words for each side, mine and yours usually.

•Odd pairing (Whatever that means for you)



•Arranged marriage

•Slice of Life


•Vampire human

•Supernatural stuff I guess?

•If there is something you wish to do and it isn’t here, just ask. I forgot a billion things but this stuff is the most common. Also I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort so ye be warned.


I actually don’t really do fandoms. I am okay with playing a character for you, but as far as taking a world that already exists and such; I prefer to make our own. If we get comfortable enough with each other, perhaps you can convince me otherwise. I am, however, well known for kidnapping Cannon characters especially when pairing them against my OC characters.

I do actually have plots that I want to get on and going with, so I am anxiously waiting for someone who doesn’t mind playing who I beg them to.

If by the end of this you are still interested then iloveyouandweshouldgetmarried. *casts ring out on fishing hook*



I hope to hear from you soon.

JessicaFrost5 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015
Will you Rp on a kik or on this website
PineappleProdigy Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
email, please!
JessicaFrost5 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Ok sorry then i can't rp
Coraline369 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
Im doing this for my friend he also needs people for a group
Player Name: kik wolf_lover9 Rick and Jay they share the kik
Fandoms / Original Verse: both
Characters: there OC's
Timezone: USA
Times online to RP: whenever
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: if they like them
OC pairings: same as up
Yaoi: no there not good
Yuri: same as up
Het: dong what it means
Mature: keep it clen
Violence: not really
Strong Language: no
Grammar: as long as they can read it
Average Desired RP Post Length: sometimes
Will Not Do: sex or unclean rp
deathskittencosplay Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name:
Nat, or DK, or whatever. 
Fandoms / Original Verse: Both! I dont have many fandoms which I enjoy shipping the characters in, though I have a fondness for Homestuck and Adventure time. I am also really looking for someone to do some original stuff with! 
Characters: I could probably be persuaded to do a plethora of characters, though I have a lot of experience with Prince Gumball and Eridan Ampora. I also have plenty of OCs. And I can always make more.~
Timezone: Eastern Standard. 
Times online to RP: I get home from school around 5 my time, and Im pretty much free to play any time Im not in class, with some exceptions. I may even bug you on my lunch. 
Languages: English. 

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Oh boy. Okay, dont hate me for my lack of ships. I actively enjoy: Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee, Eridan Ampora/Sollux Captor, and Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas. For canon fandom pairings, thats, about all my ships. But! I have plenty of OCs I ship with each other! And I can make more characters to ship with yous if you want. 
OC pairings: All of them. Too many of them. 
Yaoi: Y
Yuri: Y? (I like to keep it innocent when Im into yuri. No smutty scenes, just relationship stuff and cute fluff.) 
Het: N? Eh...
Mature: Y
Violence: Y (Not, TOO much though.)
Strong Language: Y (All the time. Everyday.) 
Grammar: 7 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi)
Average Desired RP Post Length: I like paragraphs. I like long paragraphs to set a scene, hell Ive filled pages, but I also think if we are well into a scene, and theres not a lot to say that hasnt already been said, then as few as 3 sentences should be fine I think. Id prefer at least 5 sentences. 
Will Not Do: I dont think theres that many things I wont do, so much as there are things I wont do to excess
I like fighting once in a while. Its good for drama and can get creative and the right hurtful things said at the right time can give me chills, but at the end of the day, I want this relationship healthy enough that it still wouldnt make sense for them to break up. 
Angst is good. Angst is always lovely for drama. Tragic backstories, accidents, character death, love it all. But... Im also in this for the love, not the heartbreak, so I just want to keep these kinds of scenes few and far between, just to protect my own fragile heart. 
Other Comments: My only last comment is my feelings on smut. Oh, smut. Im very experienced in it, have done it for years, have no problem doing a sexy scene every now and then. I just get bored when I feel like thats ALL we are doing. Im more interested in stuff thats actually furthering the plot most of the time. I really dont feel like doing it every day. 

Oh! And also! I rp on skype, nowhere else ^^
N7Strong Featured By Owner Edited Oct 30, 2015  New Deviant
Basic Info
Player Name: you can call me N7 or Gaby 
Fandoms / Original Verse:  Original verse, as I've never done fandoms. It depends which fandom though, I'd love to roleplay in a The Walking Dead universe. Just ask and I'll see if I know it.
Characters:  I usually just make up characters as I depending on the world or characters I'm roleplaying in, with, or as.
Timezone:  Pacific
Times online to RP:  Pretty much all the time.
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Korrasami, Pricefield, others, basically any lesbian pairing
OC pairings:  Depends on what character I'm rping as and what character I'm rping with.
Yaoi: Meh, not really into it
Yuri: Hella yes
Het: Sure, but prefer yuri 
Mature: Yes
Violence: Yes
Strong Language: do whatever you want as long as it makes sense to the plot, character, etc.
Grammar: 5-6 I don't really care as long as you're making sense.
Average Desired RP Post Length: A few sentences at least. A (short) paragraph every post would be nice.
Will Not Do:  If you think something might be weird just give me a heads up. I might be up for it. I will not do incest or child molestation.
Will Do: Whatever you want, probably, except for what I said above.

Other Comments: I love apocalyptic worlds. Looking for a partner who would like to write smut, & hopefully a lesbian romance. I'm looking for some type of plot too. We don't need to set it all up beforehand, I prefer to just rp & see where we take each other. Talk to me on skype @xcommandershepardx1 if interested.
AceofStarsandRoses Featured By Owner Edited Oct 16, 2015  New Deviant

Basic Info

Player Name: Ace

Fandoms / Original Verse: Original Verse (Can be decided on Kik along with RP) or certain fandoms (Ask for the fandom you want to do)

Characters: My personal OCs/Characters I’m given

Timezone: US & Canada (Eastern)

Times online to RP: 5:30 am to 7:00 am or 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Languages: English

RolePlay Info

Canon Pairings: If I like them

OC pairings: Depends on universe and RP partner

Yaoi: Y

Yuri: Y

Het: Y

Mature: Depends on Partner

Violence: Depends on Partner

Strong Language: Depends on Partner

Grammar: 3 - Able to understand (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi)

Average Desired RP Post Length: Paragraphs, but don’t have to be longer than needed

Will Not Do: Abusive Dating, Randomly Killing off Characters without permission

Kik: Iceland_APH

JackFrost53 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 7, 2015
Player Name: Jack Frost
Fandoms / Original Verse: both
Characters: my friends/my OC's and ROTG's OCs
Timezone: USA
Times online to RP: whenever
Languages: English

Canon Pairings: if I like them
OC pairings: if I like them
Yaoi: never done
Yuri: ^
Het: ? what is it
Mature: just keep it clean
Violence: a little I guess
Strong Language: No
Grammar: as long as I can read it
Average Desired RP Post Length: it depends
Will Not Do: rp off of kik rp something that isn't clean
Kik: Jack_Frost369
DbzafMikey Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How to train your dragon fc/ oc rp

Romance/action rp

Mature 18+ only

Im working on my fc as im typing!

Note me if your interested!
JessicaFrost5 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 2, 2015
Basic Info
Player Name: Jessica Frost 
Fandoms / Original Verse: both
Characters: my OCs and OCs form movies/books
Timezone: USA 
Times online to RP: whenever I'm up and not busy 
Languages: I only know english right know tying to learn Japanese

RolePlay Info
Canon pairings: If i like the pair then ya sure
OC pairings: what ever one of them that isnt taken 
Yaoi: nothing against it just I'm not good at it
Yuri: same as the Yaoi no good at it 
Het: i dont kown what this means 
Mature: as to be clean or no rp
Violence: dont care
Strong Language: no
Grammar: really dont care but be warned if you use txt talk I'll most likely be asking what it means
Average Desired RP Post Length: it depends
Will Not Do: rp Jack Frost with someone else, sibling x sibling, dirty rp, send you a pic of what I look like. I think thats it.
Kik: JessicaFrost3
MelanieAvery Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info
Player Name: Roxy 
Fandoms / Original Verse: I prefer both, though I stick more with Fandoms. Also, I usually RP Attack on Titan, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, The Legend of Korra, Iwatobi Swim Club.
Characters:For Attack on titan I've got only one character whom is OC, as well for the others they are all OC.
Timezone:UTC I guess..눈▂눈
Times online to RP:Everyday, haha 눈▽눈

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: All from the Anime I listed, haha xD
OC pairings: My favourite is Melanie x Levi, yeah, attack on titan, she's an oc.I mostly like using oc x canon.
Yaoi: Y/N: Nooooo
Yuri: Y/N: Noooo....
Het: Y/N: Yeah
Mature: Y/N: Of course, if the RP leads to it
Violence: Y/N: Yes, yes, yes, yes! 눈0눈
Strong Language: Y/N: Fuck yes baby
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi): Because we all mistakes I'd say a 6.
Average Desired RP Post Length: (Explain how long your typed up RP posts are. Full paragraphs, or action by action, etc.): Srsly, I don't mind how long your posts are, if you make long ones I'll try the same.
Will Not Do: Rape, forced smut...Yeah that's all.눈3눈
Other Comments: (Whatever you want, baby!):
So, what I expect from my fellow RP buddy is that they will be nice with me, I don't ask for much.Also no god-modding, god I hate that shit 
屮눈皿눈.Don't control my characters and I won't do it too.Also, lmao don't spam me if I don't respond I might be at the bathroom or kitchen, doing something, don't spam me because of course I will respond when I'm done.And if something occurs I usually will tell you 눈w눈
Well, here are the sites where I am always online:
Kik: _regretfull_
Skype: cutie.roxy
I look forward to RPing with you 눈w눈
demonCrona Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artist

RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse: Original, Naruto, Soul Eater, South Park, Hetalia (If asked nicely...or if yaoi), 5 nights at Freddy's, Attack on Titan, Creepypasta, Death Note
Characters: Whatever I feel like playing as at the moment
Timezone: Eastern Time
Times online to RP: Anytime you gotta catch me
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
Yes only if I like the pairing
OC pairings: OC x OC and OC x Canon
Yaoi: Yes!!! (Preferred!!)
Yuri: Yes
Het: Yes
Mature: Yes! (Especially with yaoi!)
Violence: Yes
Strong Language: Yes
Average Desired RP Post Length:
I do full paragraphs. I don't mind short paragraphs
Will Not Do: I will do anything pretty much~! just test me out
Will Do: Crack rps!!! I ship (Light x L) (Sasuke x Naruto) (Naruto x Hinata) (Levi x Hanji) this is stuff I would like to do and (OC x OC yaoi or even yuri)

Kik: HoodsMasks
Skype: hoodsmaster
ButtonPrince Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse: Original Characters Only, Unless it is Minecraft based (I have a cutie Herobrine I like to use)
Characters: Many [Ask me for any bios and such]
Timezone: Pacific Northwest
Times online to RP: Quite Often
Languages: English


RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
OC pairings: N/A
Yaoi: Yes
Yuri: Yes
Het: No
Mature: Yes
Violence: Yes
Strong Language: Yes
Grammar: 7
Average Desired RP Post Length: I would prefer it if you did enough to help move the plot forward, one liners are tolerated, but make sure you give me something to work off of.
Will Not Do: 
- Detailed sex
- Fetishes I deem too uncomfortable for me
- Straight ships
- Crack/Random Roleplays
Will Do/Encouraged:
- Yaoi
- Incest
- Fluff and Sexual themes
- Fantasy and plot based RPs
- Bondage
- Pirate themed


Other Comments:
- I am a casual Roleplayer
- I prefer to use Skype
- I adore pirates!
- I prefer to be Uke
- Do not rush me or canonly pair our OCs together

Yaoi Roleplay?
bigeyedpanda Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I was going to submit a form, but then I realised I didn't know what a lot of the things on it were... So if anyone could tell me what Fandoms / Original Verse, Canon Pairings and OC pairings are. I would be forever gratefull (not really, but). How do I end this? Thanks!
KitWolfren Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Fandoms: Which series you play from (MLP, Teen Titans, etc.)
Original Verse: Characters not from a fandom that are made up solely on their own.

Canon pairings: Relationships (romantic or otherwise) between canon characters (characters from a fandom)

OC pairings: Relationships (romantic or otherwise) between Original Characters (characters from original verses or fan characters, made up characters that fit into a fandom verse)

bigeyedpanda Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, OK that explains stuff. Thanks for replying.
xTheWorldIsMyCanvasx Featured By Owner Edited Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: Call me Scarlett.
Fandoms / Original Verse: attack on Titan, soul eater, fairy tail, Karin, sonic, pokemon, rise of the guardians, big hero 6, Warriors, etc etc. ask me about others, there are many I forgot. And I love original roleplays too.
Characters: umm I have ALOT so I'll just tell you which one I will be using for whatever fandom or whatever you choose
Timezone: I can never remember cause Arizona timelines are weird. I believe it's Mountain time. But I live near phoenix AZ.
Times online to RP: dunno, varies. 
Languages: English.

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: 
OC pairings: 
OC x OC <3 or OC x Cannon. Like I'm usually OC x Soul, OC x Eren or whatever, then I play your cannon ship if you want.
Het: Yes
Mature: Yes but don't go overboard with sex
Violence: YESSSS. And not to be sadistic (yet I sorta am CX) I like my OC being put through pain and torture o3o
Strong Language: FUCK YES. But if you don't, I will hold my potty mouth.
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi) um anywhere from 4-10. As long as I can read it.
Average Desired RP Post Length: (Explain how long your typed up RP posts are. Full paragraphs, or action by action, etc.) it varies. Sometimes I do full paragraphs, but usually action by action. Always paragraph form however.
Will Not Do: (list what you will not do. Don’t worry we all have things we refuse to do.) vore, weird fettishes.

Other Comments: (Whatever you want, baby!)
only notes or kik. My kik is JadeByrd2000

oh and I really want to do an original RP with supernatural people like werewolves, vampires, nekos, sirens/mermaids, etc.

Hidden by Owner
Hidden by Owner
Hidden by Owner
AshmauAshes Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
(I don't really understand OOC/CC/OC Or much of anything)

Player name : Sachi
Fandoms / Original Verse : Ummm Idk i guess Black Butler,Kaichou Maid Wa-sama,Attack on titan,Ouran Highschool Host Club
Characters : Sachi a 4 yr old Of a Daughter/Little sister or anyone in the fandoms i use (I WILL NOT ROLEPLAY ANY OTHER CHARECTERS I WILL WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.)
Times Online : All Night to around 3 pm or something like that
Languages : English and nothing else
Canon Pairings : I don't under stand this Heheheh,I guess yes I'm okay with it?
OC pairings : Its okay with anyone really i don't understand this but is it your OC x A character?I guess yea.
Yaoi : Kinda just not to much
Yuri : Kinda just not to much
Het : WTF IS THIS No cause it seems bad i guess.
Mature : Kinda
Violence : NO I AM A CHILD (In RP)
Strong Language : Kinda just Kinda Cause inside of these () I will Curse if i feel akward or stupid.
Grammar : 6 when not inside these () when inside these () A 4-5?
Will not do : Extreme Gore,Self-Harm,Rape/Molestation,Godmodding,Toxic Relationships,mpreg,ANY BODILY FLUIDS THAT ARE GROSS (Vomit,Shit,Urine Ect),Torchure (Grammar sorry),Beastiality
Other things : in these () (Im sorry IDK what there called I will be stupid When someone uses Critiseing me on my style of Rping anything like "Can you put more info" I CRINGE I CRINGE SO HARD.Also I LOVE reading descriptive things but I AM NOT DESCRIPTIVE I AM VERY VERY SORRY.I LOVE rping as Usui's Little sister.I don't know much about Deviant Art so I don't know how to private message but if you can for me You can get my Kik from there I also Hate making Plots so please.Be descriptive But i am not.I am sorry if its hard you to Get anything off me I will copy a plot off another rp i use but that is when i don't know a plot.I will Reply to this comment to put anything else.

aixerae Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Player Name: Dusty
Fandoms / Original Verse: I prefer fandom. (LoZ, Homestuck, SNK, ect. If you have a fandom you'd like to RP, though, please send it to me and I'll see what I can do!)
Characters: I rarely use original characters, and I would prefer to stick to canon characters unless your OC is very good. Characters I frequent : LoZ - Link (OoT, TP, SS), Zelda (OoT, SS). Homestuck - John, Rose, Dave, Feferi, Vriska, Kanaya. SNK - No preference, really.
Timezone: Pacific
Times online to RP: Any times between 2pm and 3am, if I'm in the mood/not busy
Languages: English, and very, very terrible French.

Canon Pairings: Yes, but they don't have to be necessarily canon in the story! If you need specifics on what pairings/relationships I prefer I can link you to my shipping chart on Tumblr!
OC pairings: Only OC/OC, quite rarely, though.
Yaoi: Yes!
Yuri: Yes!
Het: Yes!
Mature: Yes!
Violence: Yes!
Strong Language: YES.
Grammar: 7, I do prefer to use proper grammar and such, but I sometimes break my own rules.
Average Desired RP Post Length: Formatting wise, I can do both script and paragraph. Quality over quantity. As long as it relates to what's going on, and is in character, I'm fine.
Will Not Do: This is gonna be a long list. Anything related to molestation or rape, extreme gore, self-harm (I find that many people RP this 'for fun' and I will not participate) God-modding, toxic relationships, OC's (Unless I'm sure said OC is not a complete Mary/Gary Sue), vote, parent/child, shit/urine/vomit/bodily fluid/excrement play, beastiality, mpreg, fetishes I am uncomfortable with, torture. If you would like to do any of the above, PLEASE ask me first! If I decline, perhaps I am not the roleplaying partner you're looking for.

Other Comments: If you struggle with being in character during the RP, I will tell you. I understand that I am not the best roleplayer in the world, but if it's too out of character I will tell you. And please tell me if I'm too out of character, too! If you do need to say something during the RP please say it in double parentheses. ((It's easier to tell if you're trying to say something outside the RP))
If you have any questions please message me privately on DA (Aixerae), so we can talk. Before we RP I would like to talk about anything that concerns me or you. If you need more info on anything above I'd like to discuss it before we begin roleplaying. I hope someone on here will be willing to be my partner!
surisse-su Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
*This is an advertisement for a co-lead for a group RP, I'm not looking for a one on one, please don't ask.*

About Me

Hi, my name's Su (shortened from Surisse), and I'm 23. I guess I'll start this off by saying I'm shy and quiet which comes off as antisocial and I wish it wouldn't. If you can get me to talk, I really don't shut up; it just takes me a while to warm up to someone/people. I recently just got hired for the Post Office as a PSE, and currently am waiting for my job to really start. My job will be on the call so my availability might be weird sometimes, I'm not really sure until I see what it's like (I will update this once things kick off). I'm from the east coast, but I've had plenty of rping buddies from different parts of the world so time doesn't bother me much. I'm a pretty open person so you can ask me anything really, I don't mind. I went into a little more depth here:… It might be worthwhile to read if you're seriously considering applying for this position. 

Rp experience

Since I was roughly 12 years old and I just love it, it's my stress relief, my hobby, my greatest interest. I also do a bit of writing on the side, and who knows, if we can get some pairings going I might write about our characters on my own time. I've been in a couple groups before too, but have mostly done one on ones. I use Skype and would prefer to stick with that, but am open to other options as well. I actually didn't get into yaoi until I was a little older, and can't get enough of it. I consider myself literate and will expect you to be too.

Writing Style/Length

I've always done third person past tense and would prefer if we could make that the writing style. It makes it easier and not so confusing with other people using different tenses at once. I typically write one or two paragraphs but can go above and beyond if the situation calls for it. 

Favorite Setting(s): I prefer modern fantasy, but can settle for modern. 

Positions I Play: Normally I play more dominant roles but am open to submissive characters. You can find my main here:… Skim it over to see if I'm really someone you want to roleplay with. You don't necessarily need to know him through and through but it definitely helps the compatibility. 

Loves: M-preg, angst/drama, smut with a plot, fluff
Hates: Constant Drama, Smut without a plot

Anything else: Not that I can think of at the moment. 

About the Group

I'd prefer it to be on Skype. It's easy to create one chat for the role play, and one for OOC. You can edit any errors in your reply easily and it's what I'm most familiar with. This is negotiable if I like your option. This will be a mature roleplay, so yes, smut will be allowed but don't over do it! I will expect everyone to be at least eighteen plus. I'm not looking to turn this into a huge thing, I'd prefer a small group of friends where we can all get to know each other and have fun. I don't expect people to reply everyday, this is just a hobby to me so reply whenever you can. We might have a post order, so be prepared for that. For our character profiles, I was thinking of creating a Proboards just for them so everyone can view them. Why isn't the role play being held there? Because Proboards will shut us down for anything remotely pornographic. I'd like for the setting to be modern fantasy, I will love you forever if it is, but I'll be cool with modern too. You can find my rules here (we will be comparing what we think will be best for the group):…

About You

I'm going to need someone that can balance me out, someone that isn't afraid to speak their mind and is fair. You'll most likely be in charge of group issues (drama, etc) while I take care of other things. I need someone that can bring us together and get us to talk with one another so it isn't always a constant awkward silence. Experience is a plus but not necessary since I've never actually lead a group myself before. I also will need someone that's on a lot and will be active in the roleplay.

This won't be instant, I don't expect instant replies/applicants. I will allow for some time for us to get to know each other and see if we will be a good fit, so if you're not going to stick around the long run, please don't bother in applying. Thanks!


Your Name: (Just your nickname is fine)
Your Age: 
Your Personality: (Describe yourself in a short few sentences)
Your Roleplaying Experience: (How long have you been role playing, where have your role played, how long are your replies, etc)
Likes/Dislikes in a Role Play: 
Why do you think you should be co-lead: 

*Have this ready when you go to contact me, please!*

How to Contact me

Skype: Ashtainw

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Malice-x-Whittney Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: Malice-x-Whittney
Fandoms / Original: Original preferred, but I can do fandoms, and I am familiar with most of the mainstream ones 
Characters: I'm free form, so I make them up to fit my partners/rps
Timezone: Mountain time
Times online to RP: I am usually available, you can post at any time and if I am busy- I will post as soon as possbile. I am looking to rp                                        most of the day- every day.
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: I'm open to it
OC pairings: sure
Yaoi: Maybe 
Yuri: Maybe
Het: Yes
Mature: Yes
Violence: Some
Strong Language: Some
Grammar: 5/6
Average Desired RP Post Length: Quality over quantity. 2 lines- a paragraph. Just realize my posts will vary; especially if I'm at work or                                                           something. If I'm feeling a little unsure, my posts will be short- and my length often depends on how                                                              well I mesh with my partner.
Will Not Do: Vore, toilet play, parent/child play. If you have questions about things, ask. I'm friendly and very open

Other Comments: I am seeking someone reliable, dedicated, respectful, Long term ONLY. I prefer people who can play multiple characters (which I can) and who can flux between dominate/submissive, male/female, etc. I myself will play any gender, and any orientation- though straight is my preference. I make my choices based off of my partner- If I like you, but you only do things I don't normally do- I'll make exceptions. I am pretty skype exclusive (My phone can't download kik- sorry) Please read before adding me- if you decide to add me, just add a note of who you are and how you found me. My skype is: Malice-x-whittney
daichi0hijame Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: Oflaria
Fandoms / Original Verse: Attack on titan and Hetalia
Characters: lots of OCs but can do almost everyone within those two animes
Timezone: UK
Times online to RP: anytime just kik me (below)
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: nah
OC pairings: YUS!
Yaoi: N
Yuri: N
Het: sure
Mature: YUS
Violence: depends on the situation
Strong Language: yep!
Grammar: 1 - 10: 7
Average Desired RP Post Length: anything that fits into the situation
Will Not Do: i dont think so XD

Other Comments: i love dramatic situations! 
kik me!
Bigemder Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: you can just call me Bi
Fandoms / Original Verse: I have other interests but I'm mainly into Steven Universe
Characters:I have a few different oc's
Timezone: EST 
Times online to RP: whenever, I really don't have a great sleep schedule and I have tons of free time
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: yes (I will love you forever if you let me be Lapis)
OC pairings: yes
Yaoi: YES
Yuri: YES
Het: sure
Mature: ;3 YES
Violence: depends on the situation
Strong Language: yes
Grammar: 1 - 10 6 (I won't really care as long as you aren't like "I can c u like tacos")
Average Desired RP Post Length: any length really I prefer action by action but if it's necessary I will type a paragraph or two
Will Not Do: (;3 I can do pretty much anything)
contact me through
my kik
PenguinLord35 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
Basic Info
Player Name: Michie is fine
Fandoms / Original Verse: Preferably original, and Victorian era. Might do some fandoms if asked.
Characters: All of my characters are OC. I have plenty :3
Timezone: MDT 
Times online to RP: Any time is perfectly fine with me!
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Not usual for me, but I would be willing to try.
OC pairings: Yaaaas :D They're the best
Yaoi: N
Yuri: N
Het:  N
Mature: Not sexually mature? If you get what I'm saying
Violence: Y
Strong Language: Y
Grammar: 5-7
Average Desired RP Post Length: Depends on you, really. If you do paragraphs, so will I. If you do action by action, so will I.
Will Not Do: Anything too sexual.

Contact info:
Kik: _MurderAtMidnight_
FB/Messenger: Michelle Le CookiiMonstah

I prefer you Kik me because I am always available on Kik.
spacesword16 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info
Player Name: Let's stick with Spacesword for now
Fandoms / Original Verse: Both. But I will do Mostly any Anime(as long as I have seen it.), steven universe, and certain movies/books. Ask and I'll tell 
Characters: depends on the rp
Timezone:eastern standard time US
Times online to RP: varies but I am usually online if I'm not busy
Languages: English and Japanese

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: I'll do whatever
OC pairings: Sure.
Yaoi: Yes
Yuri: Yes
Het: Yes
Mature: Y
Violence: Y
Strong Language: sure
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi) 6. depends but it usually doesn't matter much
Average Desired RP Post Length: I'm usually flexible. I like a paragraph usually but we can work something out.
Will Not Do: scat and golden shower........Just no. Pedophilia or age play or other really weird stuff. Just ask before okay?
Other Comments: Email:
Rpfallenangel1 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info
Player Name: Angel
Fandoms / Original Verse: Anything anime, movies, books, cartoon, music, anything really just ask me if I know it.
Characters: I have OCs made but I may have to change some details on them if I need to.
Times online to RP: Anytime of day
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Very rare that I ship canons with canons but I can give it a try
OC pairings: Yeah of course
Yaoi: N
Yuri: Y
Het: Y
Mature: Maybe
Violence: Y
Strong Language: Y
Grammar: 6
Average Desired RP Post Length: I expect paragraph style, I don't really like one-liners so please try to keep away from those I understand writer's block though, and for the love of god, please type out the actions (not like this **Waves**) and no text talk unless we are chatting with each other or there is texting going on in the roleplay.
Will Not Do: Pedophilia, beastilality, bathroom play, vomit or other weird things.

Other Comments: I roleplay on here but I also roleplay on GDocs, email, and sometimes messenger.
shc1 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 11, 2015
Basic Info
Player Name: Sean
Fandoms / Original Verse: MLP, anything really
Characters: i have a character but i change it if needed
Timezone: EST
Times online to RP: When ever i can
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:  Doesnt matter
OC pairings: Doesnt matter
Yaoi: Sure
Yuri: Sure
Het: Sure
Mature: Y
Violence: Y
Strong Language: Y
Grammar: 3, i dont care as long as i can read and understand it
Average Desired RP Post Length: I dont really have a preference
Will Not Do: I have no limits =D
Will Do: Any kind of fetish, from Scat to Incest to ADBL.
Other Comments: I currently only rp on kik, my username there is shc1
InvaderSpotteh Featured By Owner May 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Player Name: Invaderspotty/Sara/Spotty
Fandoms / Original Verse: I'm honestly fine with anything. Original verse is very much preferred though, I am really up for an AU if that interests anyone.
Characters: I unfortunately only have a few characters, and not all have refs either. I usually do play female characters though but if it comes to it I'll play male. I'm used to using one of my main oc's though.
Timezone: Eastern
Times online to RP: Usually most of the day this includes during the night as well, not counting weekends though for personal reasons.
Languages: English.

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: 
I'm fine with canon pairings or oc X canon it doesn't matter to me exactly.
OC pairings: Always encouraged.
Yaoi: Iffy on it
Yuri: Yeah I'd be up for that.
Het: Yeppp.
Mature: Yesss, I find that sparks a roleplay as long as the roleplay doesn't revolve around mature themes like sex.
Violence: Yeah totally fine with that.
Strong Language: sure~
Grammar: 7 because I make mistakes here and there and unless it's as bad as to where I cannot read the reply or something properly then I don't care that much.
Average Desired RP Post Length: I usually like to type out at least a paragraph or two, possibly many more depending on what's going on in the rp or if I'm very motivated at the moment, I'm fine if you don't write as much as me, but I will almost instantly get bored if you reply with one or two sentences.
Will Not Do:Honestly there is very very little that I will not do. If something comes up that I don't like I will definitely tell you. Otherwise just try me, can't hurt to add some stuff into the rp.

Other Comments: 
I also do like to talk a bit outside of the roleplay, so please don't mind me if I try and become chatty. Also if I do like a roleplay enough I'll probably end up drawing lots of stuff for it. Soooo yeah just wanted to say that as well~
awakeningazure Featured By Owner Edited May 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: Noblige or Azure is fine
Fandoms / Original Verse:  Preferably original!verse.  Fandoms, I'll do too, but you'll have to ask about my fandoms (they switch like hands on a clock)
Characters:  100+ OCs.  Seriously.  If one's not working out, I got an arsenal
Timezone:  Eastern
Times online to RP:  Any time, I guess?  If I'm busy, I'll tell you.
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Right now?  MiyuSawa (Daiya no Ace), TsukkiYama (Haikyuu!), and a handful others.  Feel free to ask.
OC pairings:  Yes (my OCs have pairings among them, too).
Yaoi: Yes
Yuri: Yes
Het: Will do, not really into it though
Mature: Yes
Violence: Yes
Strong Language: Yes, to a respectable degree (as in no f-bombs dropped every other word)
Grammar: 6-8, here.  I'll overlook mistakes, we're all human, but I'd rather someone who d035n'7 7yp3 lIkE thIs If yOU knOw whAt I mEAn
Average Desired RP Post Length: At least one paragraph, but I get it if the roleplay's hit a dry spot.  I'll also do scripts if we're just goofing off.
Will Not Do:  Powerplay (you control your characters, and I'll control mine), permanent character deaths (they're my babies, I am not killing them off), incest (this one comes and goes though), generally messed up stuff like vore, golden showers, scat, etc.  Just check with me first, yeah?
Will Do:  Literally anything save for the things listed above

Other Comments: I tend to RP a lot of smutty things.  orz  But other than that, feel free to message me/note me with any questions.  I promise I don't bite.
majesticTIGER Featured By Owner May 20, 2015
Basic Info-
Player name: Call me Aneri!
Fandoms/Original Verse: I'm not gonna list all my fandoms, because honestly, I'm in a lot, but I would really like to roleplay Sword Art Online with someone. I'm all for original verse >w< I usually roleplay magical/fantasy/romance/dark. I love creating new universes with my partner and trying out ideas. I feel as though roleplays are really interesting if you together contribute to creating a new universe.
Characters: I have a lot.. I enjoy roleplaying both male and female characters which are mostly OC's.
Timezone: GMT (United Kingdom).
Times online to RP: All the time, honestly. My phone is always glued to my hand when I'm not on my laptop.
Languages: English.

Roleplay Info-
Canon pairings: Depending on which fandom we're roleplaying.
OC Pairings: Hell yes.
Yaoi: No.
Yuri: Yep.
Het: Sure.
Mature: I don't like to heavily emphasize on sex but if that's where the plot line takes us then so be it.
Violence: I'm fine with that.
Strong Language: Yep.
Grammar: 7. I prefer reasonably good grammar but I do make mistakes, it's completely understandable if you do too. 
Average desired RP post length: I usually send paragraphs, it depends on what situation the characters are in. Sorry, no script type roleplays.

Will not do: Rape, torture etc. I'll let you know if anything we're roleplaying is making me uncomfortable.

Other comments: I probably sound really blunt in this form but I'm nice, I promise! Meow :3 Please don't hesitate to send me a note no matter how old this post gets!
nmihunter Featured By Owner May 14, 2015
my kik is jaylong007 btw
nmihunter Featured By Owner Edited May 11, 2015
Basic Info
Player Name: Gabriel
Fandoms / Original Verse: Original Verse
Characters: Usually make a new one off of a base model
Timezone: Eastern
Times online to RP: any unless I'm busy
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Yaoi: N
Yuri: N
Het: N
Mature: A bit but not the focus of the Roleplay
Violence: sure but not overboard
Strong Language: A little bit is fine
Grammar: 7
Average Desired RP Post Length: at least 3 sentences make sure to leave a jumping off point 
Will Not Do: will let you know if I have an objection to it

Other Comments: Looking for a girl around my age 18-25 interested in a anthro furry in a furry dominated medieval society with me as a human thinking about romance
Vayne95 Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
Name: Zero. Just leave it there please.
Only do OC, but will do fandom universe. Especially tokyo ghoul.
TZ: doesn't matter. Always up.
Time to rp? Any. Always up.
Language, English.

Yaoi: yes.
Yuri: yes.
Het: yes.
Strong language?
Can't go without it. Blood, violence, pain. I thrive on RP riddled with it.
Grammar: 5-7. I can ignore a lot. Everyone is human and humans are stupid by nature. But I iznt gunna ignore dis.
I prefer at least one paragraph, 3-4 full sentences. But, sometimes things get slow, I get that. I'll ignore a few short posts.
Things I won't do? Stupidity. Ask a question, you get an answer. I can't list everything I don't like, sorry.
Reach me on Kik. HeartlessAngel95.
I'll be your friend if you entertain me. Bore me, and I disappear.
PS: I'm craving psychological horror right now.
MikaelaTheImmortal Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Player Name: Mikaela
Fandoms/Original: OV
Characters: I have a variety of fantasy/supernatural characters
Timezone: Central Time Zone
Times to online RP: Really any
Language: English
Mature: Possibly
Violence: Yes, any degree
Strong Language: Don't care
Grammar (1-10) 5
Average Desired RP Post Length: Action by action
Will not do: Most sexual scenes, fandoms, anime

Anything else: Im looking for a guy, preferably ages 18-22. Looking for a long term rp partner with human and nonhuman based characters. Also into post apocalyptic and medieval eras. I want to mainly do fantasy. Into most styles of RP email me at if interested or kik at MikaelaTheImmortal
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