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June 4, 2011


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:star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:Shopping for RP partners!:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star:

Why yes, yes we are!

Now, rather than having our members fill out blogs at random here, let’s get organized, shall we?

So if everyone could fill out this form, I know it’s long but you only need to do it once, and post it in a comment, we’ll be on our way to RP ease!

:bulletred:Please don’t comment on people’s comments. Just note them or message them on their page, so we can get more RP profiles in the comments and it doesn’t get cluttered.:bulletred:

If you find someone who tickles your RP fancy, note them or message them and you’re golden! Simple right?
If anyone has any ideas on what else should go on this form, let me know and I’ll add them in. Or add in anything you think is necessary.

RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse:
Times online to RP:

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
OC pairings:
Yaoi: Y/N
Yuri: Y/N
Het: Y/N
Mature: Y/N
Violence: Y/N
Strong Language: Y/N
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi)
Average Desired RP Post Length: (Explain how long your typed up RP posts are. Full paragraphs, or action by action, etc.)
Will Not Do: (list what you will not do. Don’t worry we all have things we refuse to do.)

Other Comments: (Whatever you want, baby!)

Be respectful of your fellow RPers! Not everyone RPs the same.

Kit Wolfren
Group Administrator
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feathers-of-fluff Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Basic Info
Player Name:
Fandoms / Original Verse: Vocaloid, Black Butler, Ib, and Kamigami no Asobi, with a couple other minor anime and games, Ouran, Harvest Moon, and I'm like 1/4 of the way to being confident about a Phoenix Wright RP.
I prefer only to play canons, but I don't mind if whoever I'm writing with wants to play from a different fandom or be an OC or what.
* Vocaloid: VY2 (66/Roro or black-haired Yuuma), Gakupo, Len, Miku, Kaito, Luka, Meiko, huge list, basically everyone, no strings attached, save Big Al and Sweet Ann (i'm so sorry).
* Black Butler: Sebastian only, but oh gOD can I write a Sebastian. The muse is SO STRONG.
* Ib: Garry or Mary, either one. I would prefer not to play Ib herself tho.
* Kamiaso: Hades, Baldr, or Yui.
Timezone: CST
Times online to RP: Going from CST, about 3 PM-ish to 11 weekdays, all unholy hours of the day and night on weekends.
Languages: English, could throw in some broken, basic Japanese words if neither of us care.

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
* Vocaloid: Excluding the single sibling pairing of Gakupo/Gumi which I cannot make myself see as romantic, literally everybody with everybody else. Do you see a pattern with this fandom.
* Black Butler: SebaCiel, SebaWill(< !!!!!!!!!), SebaClaude and mb SebaGrell. Do you see a pattern with this fandom. (so much seba)
* Ib/Garry, Mary/Garry, platonic Ib/Mary.
* Kamiaso: Mainly Hades/Yui & Baldr/Yui, also Apollon/Yui and Any Hot Anime God/Yui.
OC pairings: None. I won't be playing an OC, but I don't mind shipping canons with one.
Yaoi: Y — preferred
Yuri: Y — will do, but not readily
Het: Y — second preferred
Mature: Y — sorta? pls no gruesome smuts, i prefer implications and fading sorry
Violence: Y — just not over the top
Strong Language: Y — again, not so heavy that it loses all possibility of realism
Grammar: 7.5. I don't care if you make mistakes every once in a while, or if you're a non-native English speaker, but I ask that you can match my huge paras.
Average Desired RP Post Length: Usually, my starters are the length of a sparse novella, but they even out after a few replies. It's all mostly backstory / events leading up to the starter. So about 2-6 paras, 6 being absolute max and probably max length of the first tag.
Will Not Do: All my limits are basically just moral stuff. I'd rather not write an RP including random funsy assaults and mental afflictions that are perceived as k00l. If you are writing such things realistically and not for the awsums, which I hope most are, then I will gladly deal. Also, I still ain't doing demon/angel, sry.

Other Comments: If you're up, hmu through notes, please. I prefer to RP through notes or email, though other platforms can be arranged (mostly skype). See ya, peace.
Elinurel Featured By Owner Edited Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Basic Info
Player Name:
Elinurel (Elisa)
Fandoms / Original Verse: Can be a combination, as well as one or the other!
Characters: My own original characters are preferred, can do fandom ones though as minor additions/depending on how well I know their personalities to play them out well.
Timezone: European, but my schedule is pretty open for now so USA partners are not impossible or frowned upon!
Times online to RP: Pretty much any~ (Except when I am sleeping, it's an annoying thing that gets in the way that we all need, still!)
Languages: English.

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:
OC pairings: Yes, but I am a picky prick. Fair warning!
Yaoi: Nope.
Yuri: Nope.
Het: Maybe. It all depends on mentioned above.
Mature: I prefer very mild, subtle, allusions and soft words when it comes to that. Going into the gory details and describing things for what they are, makes it lose the poetry and charm. I don't do mindless, meaningless cyber. If you wanted to get technical and into the raw facts, I am the wrong partner for that. Call me 'fluffy' or 'romantic', but it doesn't change the fact that is exactly what I am. Not ashamed!
Violence: Strong no. Real life is violent enough, describing a war or battle is not an issue... But I dislike abusing and maiming other characters, just as I dislike somebody else abusing and maiming mine.
Strong Language: No. Mild swearing is acceptable, but if every sentence of your character/s include a 'bomb', then I simply question their intelligence. Points can be carried across without that.
Grammar: 9. I make mistakes myself, however I try to improve and look down upon the misuse of the English language and poor punctuation/grammar.
Average Desired RP Post Length: 2+ paragraphs are strongly and warmly encouraged. I know you cannot always write a wall of text just describing the beauty of a cherry tree, but one liners should be avoided. Let's give each other something to work with!
Will Not Do: In romance: No abusive relationships (if you write rape, enjoy writing about such, or even mention it fleetingly, I will literally ignore you with all my mighty ignoring skills), extreme age gaps, BDSM, fetishes, harems, overly smutty things, disgusting things, creepy things, you get it. My imagination is not an adult site, treat it accordingly. :)
In stories: Plots where everyone dies, godmodding, sci-fi/futuristic/alien things, fandoms I am not interested in, horror where everyone is tortured in the most sadistic of ways, generally, anything that takes the fun out and could make me depressed and/or regret my decision of beginning a RP with you in the first place. I am very vocal when I dislike something, not one to easily compromise!

Other Comments: This is really a large breakdown here. I am not just looking for a RP to pass the time, that has no depth to its story and characters. I like things that make me think, things that are exciting to write out, as far as possible from boring. Also, I expect to get to know the person behind the characters too, so if you are not looking for a longtime friend, do not contact me.
Subsequently, I am what they call a Rapidfire RPer, meaning I do not take well to one or two posts a day. I am impatient, I dislike waiting and feeling like I have to jump loops to keep someone engaged. If you cannot commit for a lasting partnership, we are not compatible and the world will lament the loss of something that could never work. With soundtracks and dramatic CGI and everything. (Weird sense of humor is weird. I know.)

Back to characters. I should mention I do not have a million original characters for you to choose from. For now, I can count them all on the fingers of one hand. The reason for that is simply, I invest a lot of effort into making believable, flawed, fairly decent personalities, I fear repeating myself too much and quite frankly, in RPing I do not believe anybody can successfully write from the POVs of 10 or more characters at the same time. Save that for your future novels... It works far better there.

I prefer playing a female character but can also duo and play a male, if you'd like there to be fairness. Bios will be shared upon expressed interest to associate our brains.
Oh, and I write in third person. Descriptions are easier to come up with that way... I expect of you to be a third person fan too.

Now, maybe you are wondering what kind of things I enjoy, what fandoms do I like and such; fear not, here they come!
Primary preference is for High Fantasy, original ideas and creations of our own that could build a story we'd both like to be engaged in. Yes, you can expect elves, demons, angels, witches, dragons and the like. Furries are a no-no, Kemonomimis are fine within reason. Even if we create a race of our own, please keep them within reason too. Over the top things like blue skinned fishfolk are not my thing... At all.

Fandoms include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings (yes, The Hobbit too!), How to Train Your Dragon-verse, Mortal Instruments, in short and in general, fantasy everywhere. I am not a fan of Japanese Anime so, asking me about such is futile. Just throwing this out there so you don't have to ask just to be rubbed off.
Think you have a fandom that is similar to those, something I never heard of before? Feel free to share, you never know if you don't ask.

In the end, there is likely something here that I am missing to mention or forgot about, so, feel free to ask me any other curiosity you might have upon contacting me. If anything I wrote resonates with you, I am looking forward to meeting you and building up something wonderful together.

May your imagination always freely flow and inspire! <3
hibu-tan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Basic Info
Player Name:

Fandoms / Original Verse:
-Original only, please!

-I have many characters that are single and ready to mingle- so depending on which character you have, I should be able to find a pair for.


Times online to RP:
-I have DA and Skype for mobile, so I'm available prettttty much all the time.


RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings:

OC pairings:

-YES. My absolute favorite, please! Would prefer this over the rest.

-Never done it before, but I guess so!

-I guess so.

-Yes! I love tasteful and fluffy smut!!

-Depends. I don't want extreme violence, but minor violence is a-ok!

Strong Language:
-Again, depends. If it's just thrown around willy nilly then, no.
But if it's a character that cusses a lot then I guess that's fine.

-I'd say that I'm about an 8. I understand people make mistakes, but I'd rather there not be SO many mistakes that it's difficult to read. Typos are fine, because we all make em lol.

Average Desired RP Post Length:
-At LEAST a paragraph! I need something to work with so I need more than one sentence. Preferably about 3-5 or more.

Will Not Do:
-Extreme Fetishes
-Physically/Emotionally Abusive Relationships.
-Killing off any characters.
-Furries (Kemonomimi's are more than fine!)

That's all I can think of atm.

Other Comments:

-I'm really hoping to find someone who enjoys fluffy, romantic, tastefully smutty yaoi just like I do ! >//v//<
Pleaseee shoot me a note if you are interested, thanks so much!<3
deathskittencosplay Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: DK is fine for now thanks.
Fandoms / Original Verse: Love them both. For fandoms, ones I am currently in are Homestuck, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Furry and a few others. When using fandoms though I most prefer to just kinda borrow the universe and plop my own characters into it (though there are a few cannon pairing I wouldn't mind roleplaying <3). I do not enjoy oc/cannon, however. 
Characters: I have a great number of OC's, most of which are belonging to homestuck, though I have a few for the other fandoms I listed. As for cannon characters I like playing as Eridan Ampora (though I am famously bad at it), Dave Strider (not bad?), Karkat vantas (only in dire situations) Prince Gumball (him I am actually ok at) Princess Bubblegum (likewise) and perhaps any character you can persuade me to attempt. I would also love making a new one just for our rp. <3
Timezone: Eastern Standard.
Times online to RP: idk, I wake up around 11, go to bed around 12 hours later and don't have much of a life, so... always?
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: Eridan/Sollux (don't judge) Dave/Karkat, Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee, Princess Bubblegum/Marceline 
OC pairings: Mine and yours baby ;) (Ok, I do have some set pairs, but I they all involve weird troll shipping anyway)
Yaoi: Yep
Yuri: No smut, fluff is fine
Het: No
Mature: You bet
Violence: Some
Strong Language: Why not
Grammar: 6
Average Desired RP Post Length: I prefer action by action, 1-5 sentences is plenty I think. 
Will Not Do: I will not... um, idk. There isnt a lot I am opposed to. I'm ok with a whole bunch of weird kinks, I don't mind getting depressing, I'm ok with putting my characters through severe trauma and heck, I will even kill em off if ya want. Oh! Incest! I will not do anything incest in nature. Sorry. Im sure there are a few other things I won't do but none are coming to mind.
Other Comments: Um, yeah the whole "wont change my characters for you" thats a big one. I will not make any changes to who they are, even slightly, to make them fit better with yours. Thats important to me. I really really don't do het, and with Yuri I really really don't do anything sexual. I am ok with OC's having heterosexual feelings for mine, but mine will not reciprocate. I'm ok our girl/girl pairings, being said to have had sex, I just do not want to act out the scenes. Of course for boy/boy pairings however I will actually enjoy some smut.
So, yeah, I guess thats it. 
Two-Tailz-Studios Featured By Owner Edited Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: Two-Tailz-Studios(Miki Wolf)
Fandoms / Original Verse: Hetalia(1p and 2p), Black Butler, Durarara, Vocaloid, Death Note, Kamisama Kiss(I really want to add OC's in this one), Ouran High School Host Club 
Characters: I do have a few OC's but I mainly want to rp as canon characters. i am not too picky. My main OC would be Miki, I also use other characters and can provide bios as well. 
Timezone: Eastern Standard US
Times online to RP: I am pretty flexible. I would probably be more available from 5-11 and on weekends I am pretty open.
Languages: I am only confident in writing in English.

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: UsUk(Hetalia),TomoexNanami(Kamisama Kiss), Gerita(Hetalia), Prucan(Hetalia), many others especially yaoi.
OC pairings: I do not really have any OC pairings I want to rp with.
Yaoi: Y(I prefer yaoi)
Yuri: Y(I will but I would rather not because I find it kind of boring)
Het: Y
Mature: Y(Yeah but not a lot of hardcore smut please)
Violence: Y( I write really gory and dark things)
Strong Language: Y(Please don't cuss too excessively unless that is how the character is supposed to sound) 
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar nazi) I am about a 7. I won't mind honest mistakes, but make it so I can understand you. I probably won't mention the mistake, but if there is a lot of mistakes that really bothers me, and I'd prefer not to deal with that. 
Average Desired RP Post Length: (Explain how long your typed up RP posts are. Full paragraphs, or action by action, etc.) I don't really mind, but I prefer paragraphs.
Will Not Do: (list what you will not do. Don’t worry we all have things we refuse to do.)  Lots of hardcore smut. I am sorry but I prefer not to write lemons and stuff, a little bit is fine, and I won't mind writing it if it isn't a lot/extremely frequent. Also there are just some ships I will not write with. This is pretty much solely FrUk(Hetalia), I can't stand it sorry! 
Other Comments: (Whatever you want, baby!) I WRITE DARK AND GORY! Yes I may ,mention things such as: Rape, self-harm, suicide, and all sorts of violence. I also like fluff, but I like making stories pretty much the opposite of perfect, since that is how real life tends to be. 
bloodrosered Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Basic Info
Fandoms / Original Verse: 
Rise of the Guardians, The Lorax, Adventure Time, South Park, Harry Potter, Horrible Bosses, Hangover (more to come), Once Upon a Time (i'd like to do an X-over of this with Rise of the Guardians)
Characters: I have some OCs, but willing to play canon characters as well. I have a few plots in mind with the following fandoms, which I will share with you. 
Timezone: Eastern Standard
Times online to RP: I'll answer usually throughout the day. 
Languages: English

RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: I'll try, depending on fandom
OC pairings: yes (preferable w canon)
Yaoi: no
Yuri: no
Het: Yes
Mature: Yes (see limits below)
Violence: Yes
Strong Language: Yes, but NO c-word.
Grammar: 1 - 10 (1 - Not caring, 10 - grammar Nazi) honestly an 8. Try to have some decent grammar so I can understand. But I understand if you make a mistake grammatically. I'm not gonna go medieval on your ass if you do. 
Average Desired RP Post Length: I'm not picky with length, just try not to make it a novel. NO one-liners, script, or text talk.

Will Not Do: 

1) Toilet or bathroom related stuff (water sports, scat)
2) vore, inflation, shrinkage, growth
3) MPreg or any kind of pregnancy (it's fine if it's family related like excited about baby, but nothing sexual please)
4) Blood play (exception playing vampires, but keep it light)
5) Strangling or suffocation
6) Diaper fetishes, ABDL or the like
7) Rape/non-con (I will only do it if it occurred in the past, not ACTUALLY done)
8) Nothing sexual with furries, anthro or animals 
9) NO anal
10) NO incest

Will do
1) Straight
2) Light bondage
3) Light spanking (playful preferred)
4) Fluffy romance (cuddling, hugging, making out, massages)
5) Mostly just vanilla stuff with light chocolate sprinkles (if you get the metephor, great!)
6) I can play both genders if I get to know the characters. But I do prefer to play a female. 
Other Comments: If there's something you want to ask about what I will do, please don't be afraid to ask. 

Here's my rules

1) I do love romance, adventure, some horror. For romance, I'm fine with fade to black if you prefer (I want to be fair w/ my rp partner and make sure they are comfy as well). I like rps with romance to blossom. None of that falling in love in one day crap. As far as sex scenes, PLEASE don't do it ALL the time bc I don't want the RPs to be pornos. I would prefer to keep it light and fluffy for some, but once in a while I may do some scenes. Otherwise, I'd prefer fade-to-black after that.

3) OCs are welcome, but please play a few canon characters as well (willing to discuss). Playing everyone is exhausting. No Mary Sues/Gary Stus/god modding/self-inserts. I don't like it when someone controls my character. I don't like it when someone has all these magic powers, is invincible and shit. It's boring. 

6) I only RP with notes. I don't have skype or chat accounts.

7) I'm a fan of the Golden Rule: do unto others as others would do undo to you. If you are unhappy w/ rp or you're going to be away for extended period of time, please say something. I understand that you have a life outside of dA. If I do not receive a response within 2 weeks, I will send you the last response and ask if we are continuing. If you don't answer that in that same amount of time, I am going to assume you're not interested.

Linkthedestroyer12 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  New member
I'm looking for someone to roleplay link x dark link yaoi with me on kik, my kik is sixxsyxsiix
SamaraSylvan Featured By Owner Edited Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic Info
Player Name: Samarasylvan
Fandoms / Original Verse: 
I am a fan of way to many things to list that I am more than willing to play. If I don’t know it, you tell me it, I am a more or less binge reader/ watcher. I do OC's and I do Fandoms.
Way to many to list. I try to be diverse with my portfolio and am more then willing to pick up where my partner or group is lacking, if I can.
Timezone: I am in the Central but am looking for late night players/partners. I am a night person and my fiance is in bed by 11-12 at night on most days. I tend to stay up till 3-4 currently.
Times online to RP: Included above
Languages: English unless you want to teach me another.

RolePlay Info
Pairings: I tend to be a fan of cannon ships but I have had plenty of fun with alternate reality situations
Yaoi: Y
Yuri: Y
Het: Y
I tend to like diversity, I am cool with what ever pairings in most cases. I do prefer to remain true to a cannon characters sexually however. This doesn't mean I will never play it any other way, I just prefer there to be a reason a strait character is driven into another strait characters arms.
Mature: Y
Violence: Y
Strong Language: Y
Grammar: Like three-ish. I prefer full sentences and quotes (or some separation to indicate dialog), use caps for yelling only just commonsense stuff.
Average Desired RP Post Length: What ever is appropriate. I prefer to rp on skype and in real time as much as possible, it is just easier for me and gives me my kick a bit more directly.
Will Not Do: Just talk to me about what you want to do and don't like. For the most part I am cool with anything with in reason. Just help me tie it in to the plot. I would like to not go into smut but I am fine with it if it is relevant to the plot. IE: Husband and wife have sex for the first time play it out, they have sex for the 5th time this week we fade to black.

Other Comments: My skype name is Samarasylvan.
Black-Cat-979 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info

Player Name: Black-Cat-979ū

Fandoms / Original Verse: 
- Transforms (Prime or Animated)
- The devil is a part timer
- Hetalia (1p, 2p, or both :) )
- Borderlands (1, 2, & 3)
- sonic (maybe if you ask REALLY nicely, I'm kinda getting over it. )
- Far cry 3
- Fairy Tail
- Saints Row 3 or 4
- Five nights at Freddy's (1 or 2)  (I love the games, it might be fun to Rp!)
*** this list is subject to change and I may have missed a thing or two so if you're interested in doing an rp and wondering about some fandom or another, just ask :)

Characters: I have several Oc's and will try my best to do any characters from cannon. (Please tell me if you think I'm portraying someone wrong so I can correct it and make the rp better for us both! XD)

Times online to RP: I'm generally online from 5-11pm but I don't always respond right away or I might reply from my phone. Just send me your part of the rp whenever and I will reply asap :)

Languages: i can only do english fluently ^^'

RolePlay Info

Canon Pairings: Yep! (See next one for more)

OC pairings: totally! :) cannonx oc is what I usually do, but I can do Cannon x Cannon. I've never done an original rp before though so ocxoc as a side pairing only please. :) also I'm fine with doing rps with no pairings too.

Yaoi: Yep
Yuri: Yes
Het: Yeah (most of my oc x cannon pairings are this as I am hetro, but I'm all for queer equality and have a bunch of yaoi and even a few yuri ships)

Mature: yes, I'm okay with this but if you aren't just let me know ahead of time.  I wouldn't want to offend someone! :)
Violence: Yes, same as above.
Strong Language: yep, I personally have a mouth like a sailor but once again if you aren't comfortable with this just let me know and I'll make sure I don't swear :) 

Grammar: 6/7 please try to spell words so I cam read them, I'm really relaxed about this though. Just DON'T use text talk! please! I am begging you. This is the only thing I'm really adamant about.  Unless your character is texting, don't do it. Its so tedious & lazy.

Average Desired RP Post Length:
I definitely prefer to write paragraph and usually will write five to seven sentences. If I am am in a good mood when you ask and you'll still write enough to keep the rp interesting, I can also do script. I'm not very strict about writing equal amounts, but please try to write enough to actually contribute to the rp. I understand that people get busy or have a lazy days so as long as it isn't constantly one sentence replies when i write six sentences. :)

Will Not Do: there really isn't much I won't do. The one preference i have is I'd rather do limes (implied) than lemons (full scene). Other than that, there's not really nothing else I  won't do.

I'm looking for of a long term partner so please let me know if you're interested! Just send me a note :) I don't bite! 
Cookie-Splinters Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So here goes, looking for more rp-partners because... why not eh..!?

RolePlay Profile Form

Basic Info

Fandoms / Original Verse:

I prefer Original Characters, but I do play against Fandom characters as well, no problem..
(I just dun like playing fandom characters, myself)


Many to list, too many, I can give potential rp partners a full list if my little application is interesting enough to reply to.

Times online to RP:

Depends mostly, I'm around sporadically



RolePlay Info
Canon Pairings: No, as in, I won't be playing any characters bound to other, canon characters.. and stuff

OC pairings: Sure thing.
Yaoi: Y
Yuri: Y
Het: Y
Mature: Y  (be adviced, I'm a perv, so most of my rp-s turn kinda.. smutty, but don't have to get extreme. Also, please, no minors... I get uncomfortable.. and its sorta illegal)
Violence: Y
Strong Language: Y
Grammar: 8½  XD or at least legible, I can tolerate a lot but spellcheck is there for a reason.
Average Desired RP Post Length: No text-walls and no <3-word answers. PLEASE. (that's less than three, btw; not a heart, but.. yeah)
Will Not Do:
Meh, I'm pretty open to anything, outside of fandom rp; though I do play some if properly convinced/nagged at/threatened...

Just throw me a note if you think I'm down your rp-alley or.. whatever. XD
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